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23.Living Life <3

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What’s the definition of a “Good Woman” these days? Do you find the latter offensive? Would you consider yourself a “Bad Bxtch”?



"You used to say that I could see the future. You was wrong, ‘cause you was in it. And I was just with you the day before. You said you loved me, I said I loved you more. And as much as I wanna cower and bid the mic adieu, and fall off a fucking tower tryna find you… I gotta stay ‘cause I remember that day I looked you in the face and told you nothing can stop me. Not even you."

Damn. RIP Alori Joh.


Did I mention, no size could measure the love that I’m blessed with. No lies, I meant it. No funds expected, she don’t run my credit up. No goldiggin’ hoes, save those for Kanye West. And I know you’re not a slut, though you got that good sexin’. Word to my last sentence.